What Makes Working with Dr. Jacqui Different?

The effectiveness, productivity, and success of any organization is directly related to the collective as well as the personal well-being in the workplace. 


I assist organizations, companies, and churches in setting up executive coaching through social learning theories; developing and engineering Communities of Transformational Leaders and Communities of Kingdom Leaders.

I specialize in helping business and ministry leaders build bridges through community and accountability to impact, connect and advance in becoming more:

  • Realistic

  • Relevant

  • Relational

The JacLovelle Group looks forward to providing consulting services to meet the challenges of 21st-century leaders, managers, and administrators; inclusive of …

  • Effective Team-building

  • Cultural and Generational Issues

  • Developing Relevant Skills

  • Leading Change

  • Motivating Employees

  • Managing Stakeholders

Cultivating Seeds of Greatness: The Consulting Process

  1. Clearing the Land- Creating a Judgement Free Listening Zone

  2. Uncovering Dormant Seeds – Gathering Information with untainted eyes

  3. Soil Sample Analysis – Discerning the Causes of the Symptoms

  4. Sowing Seeds & Watering – Recommending ways to promote growth in the organization, the process, and the culture based on the findings

  5. Preparing for Harvest – Advocating for Change

  6. Reaping the Harvest – Assisting with the implementation of the Recommendations

  7. Landscaping – Following Up as needed; enhancing and adding features for beautification

As a Professional Coach and Consultant, I possess both executive coaching skills and transformational leadership skills helping people to further improve their lives. 

As an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery SpecialistI provide organizational leadership support to those who have experienced a significant loss of any kind and desire to rediscover themselves and build organizations. This is especially essential in the re-imagining and re-igniting of organizational teams and structures. due to the coronavirus. I use the proven processes of The Grief Recovery Method; providing guidance, tools, and action choices. You will be assisted in discovering and completing what was left emotionally incomplete. Open-mindedness, honesty, and commitment allow you to move through the unresolved grief, heartbreak (brokenness) to resting in a place of peace, joy, and completeness! 

As a Mental Health Professional with more than 35 years of experience as a counselor, clinical supervisor, and treatment program administrator, I employ the evidence-based Cognitive Therapeutic Community modality.

Maxwell Church Consulting

An arm of The JacLovelle Group

"Taking Your Ministry to the Next Level"

From a spiritual perspective, Dr. Jacqui’ admonishes that our “Kingdom Assignment” requires a personal transformation – stretching beyond the comfort zone of “tradition” with intentional obedience to a higher calling.

Married to Dr. Lovelle A. Maxwell, Jr., a 4th generational pastor; Dr. Jacqui’ has a heart for Pastors, Pastor’s Wives and ministry leaders developing healthy spiritual disciplines.

Alongside her husband who is the Founder/CEO of Maxwell Church Consulting, LLC; The Maxwells partner with ministries promoting the necessity of holistic self-care in servant leaders.

Church Music/Choir Workshops

Biblical Financial Stewardship

Male Mentoring

Grief Counseling

For more information, call (434)728-0177 or (804)372-5260,
 email maxwellchurchconsulting@gmail.com or visit:  www.maxwellchurchconsulting.com

Leaders of Excellence

At JacLovelle, we believe that everyone has the potential to become a leader of excellence. Our mission is to empower individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential by providing world-class coaching and consulting services. Join us on this journey towards excellence.


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