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Answers to Your Most Common Queries About Coaching, Speaking, and Consulting at JacLovelle.

JacLovelle Coaching & Consulting Group, LLC is focused on provoking good leaders to become leaders of excellence, surpassing socioeconomic, ethnic, generational, and denominational barriers. We aim to inspire individuals to push through adversities, eradicate misspoken labels of impossibilities, and face the staggering impact of destiny incompleteness generated by grief and loss.
JacLovelle Coaching & Consulting Group, LLC offers a range of services that include Grief Recovery, Life Coaching, Motivational Speaking, and Leadership Consulting. Our services are designed to help individuals progress in their personal and professional lives, providing support, guidance, and motivation to make positive changes.
PURSUE is a book written by Dr. Jacquelin White Maxwell, the Founder and Coaching Executive Officer (CEO) of JacLovelle Coaching & Consulting Group, LLC. The book is designed to inspire individuals to pursue their goals and overcome the challenges that stand in their way.
“Too Hard to Bite but Not Too Hard to Lick” is a book written by Dr. Jacquelin White Maxwell that explores the challenges and opportunities of leadership. The book offers insights and practical advice for people who want to improve their leadership skills and make a positive impact on the world.
“Whispers from the Heart” is a collection of inspirational greeting cards designed to uplift and inspire individuals during difficult times. Each card is crafted with care and features a unique message that is designed to resonate with people who are facing challenges and adversity.

Leaders of Excellence

At JacLovelle, we believe that everyone has the potential to become a leader of excellence. Our mission is to empower individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential by providing world-class coaching and consulting services. Join us on this journey towards excellence.


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