Heart Matters Greeting Cards

This assortment provides you with all occasion greeting cards. It features eight unique and created designs. Often referred to as a gifted wordsmith, Dr Jacqui tastefully and eloquently creates a range of unique messages assisting you in sharing your love, care, and prayers for friends and family throughout the year.

Introducing Monica Wilkerson

Monica Wilkerson is a lover of God, a daughter, sister, and friend. One of the gifts God graced her with is creativity. In 2017, God used Monica to birth a business called Art of Giving Fine Papers and Wrapping LLC. The specialty of the business is custom cards; each card is delicately handcrafted and gently crafted with love.

Heart Matters
HEART MATTERS loving, longing and even broken are matters of our HEART and our Community. The heartbeat of the community is connection and HEART MATTERS is committed to assist our community  with celebrating and commemorating cherished moments in our daily lives. More than ever, Dr. Jacqui and the JacLovelle Group are intentional about going deeper and growing stronger to mature and sustain The power of community! Our tribe, our squad, our community creates and curates content, amplifies the authentic voices of our writers and creatives. Join us as we facilitate our community, and hold a space for ourselves—a unique space that will always be connected to the community. Stand with us, as we are rooted in faith, driven by passion,  and excelling in purpose. 

From My Heart to Yours
Dr. Jacqui’

Leaders of Excellence

At JacLovelle, we believe that everyone has the potential to become a leader of excellence. Our mission is to empower individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential by providing world-class coaching and consulting services. Join us on this journey towards excellence.


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