Thank you for your consideration in allowing me to work with you as your Professional Destiny Coach and your Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist! Congratulations for taking the first step!

The Grief Recovery Method

The method is not only intended for people who are grieving as a result of a death or divorce. It is beneficial to anyone who is seeking to be more emotionally available, accessible, and present in their relationships.


I am honored to share the same evidenced-based, heart-centered Grief Recovery Method program with you, that healed the MATTERS OF MY HEART . ~ Dr. Jacqui’

As a result of connecting with JacLovelle and embracing The Grief Recovery Method; men and women are:

  • Having unimaginable transformational experiences due to releasing their pain of unmet dreams, hopes, and expectations in a relationship
  • Pushing beyond laboring in isolation, avoidance, and escapism; (re) birthing a living in the present
  • Leaders are elevating to their unrealized authentic potential; leading with confidence, integrity and sustainability
  • Letting go of disappointments that life and relationships could have been better, different or more
  • Recognizing their identity, purpose, calling
  • Learning strategies to identify, express, and process emotions in a healthy way; attracting relationships that propel them into their destiny

Life Coaching and Destiny Exploration

  • What are some things in your life that you have a lot of energy and excitement for?

  • When you look at your family, can you identify a calling or a sense of purpose that runs through several generations?

  • What was the most recent occurrence that provoked you into desiring to create a better future and a better life today?

  • In what ways might your upbringing impact a Personal Development Life Plan you create for your life today?

Leadership Development

  • What does your thinking and your responses to your situation say about who you are?

  • What is your heart telling you?

  • How do your values, core beliefs, purpose, and identity bring about lasting change in this situation?

  • If you choose not to act on this, how will it affect you?

  • Enhancing your leadership skills  becoming more relevant and relatable post COVID-19

The Grief Recovery Method

  • Have you experienced a devastating loss and are too familiar with the weight of brokenness?

  • Has a divorce, lost of employment, empty nest, the ending of addiction, or losses associated with the global pandemic have you stuck with unresolved grief?

  • Do you desire to dissolve the emotional energy of losses in order to become emotionally complete?

  • If you are seeking personal assistance in dealing with an emotional loss, we welcome the opportunity to assist you. We offer group and Online One-on-One Grief Recovery Method Support Programs to assist, no matter your emotional loss.      

Leaders of Excellence

At JacLovelle, we believe that everyone has the potential to become a leader of excellence. Our mission is to empower individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential by providing world-class coaching and consulting services. Join us on this journey towards excellence.


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